Sunday, May 24, 2009

Driving in the city

Most people I have met here seem terrified of driving in the city.
I love it.

As long as you play by the local rules it's easy. The traffic is very heavy, but moves at about 20mph. Constantly. It never stops; not at traffic lights (which i think are there simply to indulge the Khmers love of all things twinkly), not at the roundabouts, and NEVER at a junction.

You simlpy pick a tiny gap in the oncoming/cross traffic and go for it. You know there's space, the other drivers know there's space so it all flows seemlessly. Unless you hesitate. Hesitate and be damned.
It's a nice Buddhist way of driving; 'be mindful of others'.

If London adopted this freewheeling style there would be no traffic jams at all. Boris, take note.


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